Peter Maddocks, Cartoonist, Painter, Malaga Costa del Sol, Worldwide

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The creator of childrens greats such as Family Ness, Jimbo and the Jet Set, and Penny Crayon, as well as cartoonist for several major tabloid papers, now resides in southern Spain where he enjoys life relaxing by the coast and using his free time to experiment with paintings in all form of styles.

Peter adds... I came to live in Spain in the year 2000 to retire and escape the grey skies and crowded streets of London...I wanted to forget cartooning and instead of the pen, turn to a brush with paint and canvas....Besides, the lights had gone out on my beloved Fleet Street.   When you live in Spain as I now do you soon realise why they can boast of so many great and famous artists...The light here is just fantastic, the sun shines for ever and if you use acrylic paint as I almost dries as the brush hits the canvas...I'm sure, had Jackson Pollack lived here with his drip style of painting he could have dripped one every ten or twenty minutes....However, I now experiment in every style imaginable with a hope to find one of my a cartoonist I had a recognisable style of now I search for my very own painting style...In the words of the late great Pablo Picasso..."In Art. If there is something to be stolen, I steal it"

This web site is to show his wide range of work to all who wish to see it through his on-line gallery called SOMA.

If you wish to contact Peter, email: